QuickBooks Pro-Advisors

Guidon Group is a QuickBooks partner and our directors Tony and Kathryn are QuickBooks Certified Pro-Advisors. This means that they offer training so you get the most out of Quickbooks. You don’t even need to leave your office either as it can be done online. In person training is still available though if you prefer. The choice is yours.

QuickBooks Pro-Advisors
Why we use quickbooks

Why we use QuickBooks

There are lots of online accountancy software packages for businesses to use. But we believe QuickBooks offers the most comprehensive service.

You can keep track of expenses, run your payroll, manage your sales and download reports to help you analyse your business finances. QuickBooks is also easy to use and we’re always on hand to advise or train you.

AutoEntry partners

Do you still have to keep hold of paper receipts? They’re a nightmare and easily get lost or fade in sunlight. Using AutoEntry means you can forget about keeping paper records. Take a photo of your receipt when you receive it with the AutoEntry app and it will be stored in your account. It makes your life easier and means that we can provide you with a more efficient service. Your books will be up-to-date quicker.

If you receive an electronic receipt or invoice you can simply forward this to Autoentry. No more messing about printing it out to give to your bookkeeper or accountant.

AutoEntry Partners