Why Guidon

All accountants are the same… aren’t they? The short answer is ‘no’. There are many accountants who will contact you once a year when you have to file your accounts. They will also look after your books and maybe even your payroll.

But at Guidon Group, we are a forward-thinking accountancy practice that can help you improve your profits and growth.

You see, we listen to your goals, plans and ambitions and then help you achieve them.

Why Guidon

Meet Albert

Here’s our mascot, Albert Einswine! Albert wants you to put more of your money back into investing in your business or saving for new equipment than handing it to the taxman. And that’s why we chose Albert to be our mascot – he’s a reminder that your tax affairs need putting in order.

And if you are fed up with being up to your neck in your accounts, check out our video. It shows that we are an accountant that puts your business first! Pigs do fly…

We speak your language

We speak your language

There are many words and phrases used by accountants. Most are fairly simple to understand but some have a complex meaning behind them.

We don’t want any client being nervous about asking us to explain those words and phrases. And we won’t blind you with science – we’ll explain without jargon.

The more you understand the better it is for the success of your business. Our clients tell us that speaking their language is one of the reasons they love Guidon Group.

Dreams and ambitions

Business owners are always passionate about the future of their company. But if they do not know about the health of their business they may not achieve their goals.

It’s not just in business either. Some clients have approached us with aspirations to improve personal finances.

We can guide you to make the most of your business and its finances to help you achieve your dreams and ambitions. And it doesn’t cost you because you’re already a client! One of our clients even managed to buy their dream home thanks to our advice.

Dreams & Ambitions
Streamline Your Business

Streamline your business

You may use some technology for your books or accounts. But do you get the most out of it? Guidon Group is a digital accountancy practice and we have chosen QuickBooks and AutoEntry for our clients. The software not only works well together, it’s easy to use.

Each platform is perfect for streamlining how you run your business. Some accountancy companies will let you do the searching for accountancy software. You can often end up with packages that are too complex or don’t have the necessary functions. Some may not ‘talk’ to software you need.

We’ve done the homework for you and can train you and any accounts staff.



Guidon Group is a digital accountancy firm and a QuickBooks partner. By using this very clever software, we can produce your management accounts and statutory accounts more easily. And the data is real-time, which is crucial when making decisions about your business.

Don’t worry if the idea of using accountancy software sounds like a nightmare! We can train you and your team to use it. If you can use online banking, you can use QuickBooks!

Our clients

When clients start working with us they comment on how much easier life is for them. That’s because we want to take the stress and hassle out of keeping books, doing accounts and the financial side of running a business.

Talking YOUR language

Accountants talk in jargon a lot of the time. And many business owners don’t want to question what it all means because they presume they should know. We don’t make those assumptions! To us there’s no such thing as a silly question.

We will explain in clear English what your accounts are telling us about your business. This means that you will be able to make better decisions to improve the performance of your business.

Our clients tell us that it’s because we speak their language, we are the easiest accountants to deal with. We interpret what the numbers mean to your business.

And you can ask us to explain more or for advice whenever you need it – and without watching the clock. We don’t charge by the hour, which is what our clients love.

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