Tax problem

Mr X worked abroad under a UK umbrella company but when he returned to the UK he believed he was paying too much tax.

He had tried contacting HMRC several times but they were unable to resolve the situation. Mr X was getting frustrated as he couldn’t make any effective change by himself.

Year after year, Mr X received letters saying he’d underpaid and owed HMRC over £2,000.

He contacted us to act on his behalf, as he believed his tax codes for the 2 years were incorrect. This was due to the change from working abroad to working in the UK; he was also no longer receiving dividends from self-employment.

What we did

We contacted HMRC on behalf of Mr X to obtain all the relevant data from his self-assessment returns for these tax years. We then analysed his taxable income for each of these years and his codes.

After calculating what he should have paid, we compared it with the amount of tax he actually paid. We contacted HMRC to query this and review his code.

HMRC changed his codes for these 2 years but the following year it reverted back to the historic tax code. HMRC still believed he was working abroad and, hence, Mr X once again paid too much tax.

With our expertise, knowledge and acting as an accounting agent for Mr X to converse directly with HMRC we were able to resolve this situation once and for all by getting HMRC to change his tax code changed for all periods past, present and future.

The outcome

As a result of our conversations with HRMC Mr X was issued with the correct codes for the periods and the calculations were revised.

Mr X received a tax rebate of £10,081.83

If you are having problems with HMRC and believe you are paying the incorrect amount, please contact us today.

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