It’s unknown who said it, but we agree that there is ‘no such thing as a silly question’!
There are some observers who may disagree; however in accountancy there really isn’t such a thing as a silly question.
Business finance can be a bit of a minefield if it isn’t your everyday job, so we encourage our clients to ask questions. We don’t want any client feeling nervous or silly if they ask a question.
It could be something simple, such as, Why do I need to keep books? Where do I even start? Or maybe something a little more complicated, like What do I owe HMRC? How can I get finance/funding?
Even HMRC questions aren’t silly or impossible to answer, because we have a lot of experience dealing with the ‘taxman’ and the ever-changing rules and regulations they enforce.
If our client gains understanding from asking the question, not only do they feel better, they also know how to deal with things in the future.
For example, if they don’t understand what counts as a business expense, we can help them so that they won’t fall into a trap at a later date, or don’t miss out on what they could legitimately claim for.
For the uninitiated or those who just simply don’t have time because they’re running their own business, accountancy and bookkeeping can seem unnecessarily complicated. But we will always ensure that we keep it as simple as possible, because if our clients understand it helps everyone.
So if you have a question, why not ask us. Even if you’re not a client, especially if you’re just starting out, please feel free to send us a message using the form below this page.

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