Training and Workshops

When you started a business no-one told you you’d have to be jack of all trades. Using software is part of everyday life in business, and we can help you master accountancy software.

You also have to be aware of ever-changing legal obligations and understand the latest business trends. That’s where we can help our clients!
Training and workshops


Using digital accountancy software shouldn’t be difficult and definitely shouldn’t scare you. If you’re a technophobe we will put you at ease with our training. Even if you’ve used the software before you may want a refresher or to learn a new feature.

That’s where we can help you. Guidon Group are Quickbooks Pro Advisors, which means we can teach you how to use the tech easily without using complicated jargon. You just choose whether you want in-person training or you’re happy to be virtual.

We can also show you all the features on AutoEntry, which will help you keep records easily. You’ll never want to return to paper and receipts again!


While we look after your accounts, there can be times when you need to understand changes that affect you. Whether it’s sharing knowledge or new legislation that you need to be aware of, our workshops work for you.

Don’t worry, they don’t last hours and you won’t have to sit through sales messages. We want to help our clients through sharing useful information with them, not overload them with unnecessary details.

We work in conjunction with other business service companies for specialist advice, such as HR, to make sure our clients are ahead of the game whenever there are changes that might affect you.

You’re free to join us on any workshop and if you have any specific requests for topics, please ask us.

Contact us today to find out more about our workshops.