An Accountant that does accounts! There’s no prizes for guessing that we look after your accounts – but what does that really mean?

If you think we simply send you the paperwork and file your statutory accounts to HMRC, then that’s just the start. Your accountant should keep you updated with what the figures actually mean to you and the health and future of your business.

Our accountant has years of experience as a financial director so can interpret figures into valuable, real-time information. This puts your business at an advantage because you can then make crucial decisions.

We effectively become your financial director! And the meter isn’t running when we chat to you about what those all important numbers mean.

Statutory Accounts

Statutory accounts

All limited companies must file these accounts. They must be prepared by the end of your company’s financial year and copies must be submitted to shareholders, Companies House and HMRC.

You’ll recognise statutory accounts as they include your profit and loss account, balance sheet and a director’s report. If we’re already looking after your bookkeeping, our accountancy software makes accessing the information we need very quick and easy.

We can time the production of your accounts so you can take advantage of early tax planning opportunities. All this information is useful in showing us the bigger picture of your business and help you make important decisions.

Management accounts

When it comes to the daily running of your business you need real-time, accurate information. Statutory accounts only provide an overview once a year, so don’t wait until they are produced. Instead, you need management accounts.

You also need to know what those figures mean, which is where we can help. We do not just produce your management accounts, we interpret them for you. Just ask us to carry out monthly or quarterly reviews of your accounts, and we use the key data to help you set financial budgets and targets.

Management Accounts


Guidon Group is a digital accountancy firm and a QuickBooks partner. By using this very clever software, we can produce your management accounts and statutory accounts more easily. And the data is real-time, which is crucial when making decisions about your business.

Don’t worry if the idea of using accountancy software sounds like a nightmare! We can train you and your team to use it. If you can use online banking, you can use QuickBooks!