Partners become QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors

Partners become QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors

Guidon Group partners Tony and Kathryn have successfully obtained an advanced qualification as QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors. 

They both took part in the programme to update their skills. They also received training on new features and functionality of the digital accounting software.

After taking their exams in recent weeks, both Tony and Kathryn successfully achieved QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors’ status and received their certificates in the past few days.

Tony, who started his career as an accountant almost 30 years ago, says, “QuickBooks is a brilliant software accounting package for businesses of all sizes. We like it at Guidon Group because it constantly evolves and provides intuitive features.

“I particularly like the ability to use the mobile app, which has now been updated to work the same across Android phones and iPhones. 

“By maintaining my certified ProAdvisor status, I keep up to date with all the ways that QuickBooks Online automates processes to save time, which every business owner has so little to spare.”

QuickBooks features

Guidon Group recommends QuickBooks because of its simplicity and functionality. Its bookkeeping features include income and expense tracking and essential reporting, such as monthly statements including profit and loss and balance sheets.

It also helps keep track of bills to pay and automates invoicing as well as inventory tracking

Quickbooks integrates with 650 other business tools, including PayPal, Go Cardless, AutoEntry and numerous CRM systems.

Storing records safely on the cloud means you can access your accounts wherever you are. Using the smartphone app allows mobile clients keep track when they’re on the move.

With its flexible monthly pricing plans, QuickBooks is affordable for businesses of all sizes. Check out our blog about QuickBooks features.

We can train you

Of course, QuickBooks is like any software, you will need training to get to grips with it first. Whether you are a client of Guidon Group or not, we can provide training for you.

Our team offers one to one training and we often host group training to help you understand the basics. At the moment, our training is available via video conferencing, but as Covid restrictions ease, we will be able to offer onsite training.

For more information, please contact us on 01642 927265 or email [email protected]