What’s different about Guidon Group?

What’s different about Guidon Group?

Guidon Group’s Kathyrn Barnes explains why we are different!

Before I became a Founding Partner of Guidon Group I often heard people talking about their accountant as if they were to be feared rather than revered.

They would say that they only ever heard from them once a year or when there was a problem. If they wanted some advice they would often put off contacting their accountant because it would cost a fortune.

The reality is that a good accountant can help small businesses become better businesses because accountants often spot issues before they arise.

Keeping a close eye on the figures is a valuable part of running a business but small business owners often miss things because they’ve so much else to do in running it. Too often, sadly, it’s only when it’s too late that they notice problems.

In business you can turn things around if you’ve got time and, probably more importantly, the money. Cashflow can’t buy you time if it has come too late. But it can help you whenever there’s a lull in orders or you need some extra cash to invest in new services and products.

And it was hearing about such feedback that we decided Guidon should be different. We immediately wanted people to know that they are investing in their business using us rather than seeing our services as just another cost.

We want to be there to support a business, which is why we don’t have the meter running if our clients call for some advice.

We also want to meet our clients regularly. This not only offers a way of building a relationship, but also allows us to hear about the issues and successes within that business, which in turn gives us a chance to help make plan to use funds better. The sooner we here about them, the easier it is for us to offer advice to help solve the problems and to build on the success.

There are many other new ideas we want to introduce to small business owners, but Tony and I will tell you about those in future blogs.

We can’t wait to speak to new clients about their businesses, so if you want to try the Guidon difference, just contact me. There are no obligations, so you’ve nothing to lose.