Why We Became the Guidon Group

Why We Became the Guidon Group

Tony McNally explains our choice of business name

When Kathryn and I decided to launch our accountancy company we knew we needed a name that would encapsulate our ethos.

As you may have read in a blog by Kathryn, we wanted our accountancy practice to be very different. We’d heard a lot from small and medium business owners who said they only heard from their accountants once a year, or at set times.

And all too often, there were small issues that the business owner(s) hadn’t noticed that soon became big problems. Had the accountant been involved earlier , then the business could have avoided difficulties that they faced!

After 20 years working in finance for small, medium and large firms such as ICI, I know that early interpretation of the numbers tells you all you need to know about a business and its viability.

So after we’d discussed how the new practice would operate — with Kathryn’s 20 years’ experience in bookkeeping — we needed a name.

One thing that stood out for me was the word ‘guidon’. As the sound suggests, it’s about being a guide. The word comes from the French or Italian word for ‘a guide’.

Steering your business

A Guidon itself is a pennant flag that narrows to a point or, in the case of our logo, a swallowtail. These flags were used in military organisations (possibly as far back as Ancient Egypt some 5,000 years ago) to mark the location of the commander.

It helped soldiers find their regiment easily during the heat, confusion and smoke of the battlefield.

Translated from the French, the word ‘guidon’ also means to control, like steering wheel or handle bar — basically a means of steering!

When I researched this, I felt that this really did sum up our new accountancy practice. We want to be there for our customers when they have any kind of financial confusion.

So when these issues arise, our clients know they can seek out our guidon, we will be there to give advice without you worrying about the meter running.

Like a commander in the military, we are here to take control of the financial issues your business may face.

And we’re here to steer people through the maze that is compliance. Speaking to HMRC if you’re not a financial expert can be frustrating. So we do that for our clients so we can control the problem, which will avoid the hazards of misunderstandings that all too often can end up costing a fortune!

So that’s how we became the Guidon Group! This explanation really does sum up what we’re about. So if you want to find out more, why not speak to us and we’ll guide you through…

Stockton Accountant Tony McNally
Tony McNally, Founding Partner of the Guidon Group