Switching accountants is easy!

Switching accountants

Switching accountants is easy!

Have you seen the TV advertisement with a guy dressed as a sports coach? He suddenly pops up in the lives of ordinary people who are staring at their utility bills. Said coach then tells them that it’s easy to switch their supplier! And, let’s be honest, it is very easy to change energy suppliers these days. You give your new energy supplier the details and meter readings and it’s changed over. The same goes for your broadband or mobile phone: you can change easily.
Banks have Switching Guarantees these days. You don’t need to do anything about it, just tell the bank you’re moving to and they sort the rest. Many people think that changing accountants is, however, a different ball game. You’ve used your accountant for years and things have been OK.
But if you believe that changing your accountant is going to be difficult, let me tell you it’s as easy as switching utility supplier.

No tricky conversation

First of all, you don’t have to tell your old accountant you want to move. So forget about that tricky conversation. Instruct your new accountant and they can do everything for you once they have some details.
Here at Guidon Group, we will do it all for you. It’s as simple to switch as it is to move your car insurance or energy supplier!
Making it simple to switch and without you having to talk to your old accountant means you don’t have to feel guilty about moving your accounts. How often have you felt guilty about moving car insurance? If the deal you’re getting is better than your current insurance, there’s no reason to feel guilty. Money is tight so getting the best value is important to your peace of mind.

So how do you know if your accountant is producing the best results for your business? First of all, ask yourself a few questions:

  • When was the last time I had a meeting with my accountant?
  • Was my meeting just about signing accounts?
  • Has my accountant ever asked me what I want from my business?
  • When was the last time I had a proper review?
  • Have I heard someone else say their accountant has saved them money?

If you have asked any of these questions – or something like them – then maybe it is time to switch accountants.

It’s about you

At Guidon Group, our initial meeting is all about you and what you want to achieve so that we can provide you with a service that will help you achieve your goals.
We understand that circumstances change and can do rapidly, hence we have regular review meetings with you where we’ll check that the service we’re providing is still right for you. If it’s not, we’ll discuss the options with you!

The right choice

When moving to a new accountant it is important that you choose one that you feel confident and comfortable with, and one that you can easily talk to and trust.
There is a lot of choice out there and you need to find one that understands you and your business. Make sure they can provide you with a service that you value, not necessarily just the cheapest price going.

Ask yourself:

  • Can I work well with this accountant?
  • Do they understand what I really want?
  • Will they help me achieve my goals?
  • Do I feel comfortable asking them a question that might sound silly? I say sounds silly, because we don’t believe there is such a thing as a silly question.

So, if you’re feeling like it’s time for a change, then don’t worry about switching accountant. It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

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