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Here at Guidon Group, we pride ourselves on being accountants who build relationships. So to help you find out more about us before you first meet us, our people want to share a little bit about themselves. We are accountants, and we’re really not scary… we’re here to help your business grow!

Tony McNally

Tony McNally


Name? Tony McNally

What’s your position at Guidon Group? I am a founding partner. I’m also a Chartered Management Accountant for the business. I prepare accounts and corporation tax returns for limited companies and small businesses.

What’s your experience? I qualified as an accountant in 1992 and have had a number of roles since then. I worked for a recruitment company as their Group Finance Director. I also worked for ICI and Isotank as Company Accountant. In my roles I’ve dealt with multi-national companies and I’ve worked in bookkeeping to management accounts and budgeting. I’m bringing all this experience to help our clients.

What do you give to your clients? I like to give a friendly ear and be a sounding board. I like being at the end of the phone to talk about any issues. It’s all about giving an extra personal touch that large accountancy firms can’t. I have even helped one of our client companies that had shareholder issues solve the problems within the business. It’s all about listening to what our clients want to achieve and helping them get there.

What do you enjoy about your job? It’s all about helping our clients and I really enjoy that. I also enjoy keeping up to date with compliance and government changes. Not everyone understands why I might enjoy that, but I do. It is why our clients are safe in the knowledge that they need not worry about their accounts and the legal obligations, because I am always up to date.

What advice would you give to small businesses? Find an accountant! You should be doing what you’re best at and if that’s not keeping books and doing accounts, leave it to someone who knows how to.

Favourite colour? I can honestly say I don’t have a favourite colour, but if a client’s bank account is in the black then that is a colour I prefer!

Hobbies and interests? Watching Rugby Union, Walking (I’m doing 10,000 steps a day), reading and, in the past, sailing, but I don’t get much time for that now.

Kathryn Barnes

Kathryn Barnes


Name? Kathryn Barnes

What’s your position at Guidon Group? I am a founding partner. I am a qualified bookkeeper but most of my time is spent in business development. I’m enjoying it. A lot of my time is being spent on educating North East businesses about Making Tax Digital at the moment!

What’s your experience? I qualified 20 years ago at Teesside University. Since then I’ve looked after the books of many businesses over the years, and of all shapes and sizes.

What do you give your clients? Our clients are all offered a personal service that is friendly. Some people seem to fear speaking to their accountant, but none of us at Guidon Group want to be seen as unapproachable. We like to find out about our clients’ goals and ambitions. It’s not just in business, either, but in their personal lives too as the two aren’t always separate. We then like to help them reach their end goals.

What do you enjoy about your job? I get a real satisfaction from working on clients’ books. And I really love building a relationship with our clients and people in the wider business community.

What’s your advice for small businesses? Concentrate on what you’re good at! People think they should be doing their own books, but if they don’t enjoy it then it will get done last minute. It also means they do too much and everyone who runs a business needs time off!

What’s your favourite colour? Green! I love green. Even my car is green, which is great because I can easily find it in car parks! It’s also why green is part of our corporate colours – it reflects growth, money and harmony!

Hobbies and interests? I love running and you will usually find me at a parkrun on a Saturday morning. I have just completed my first Great North Run, which was a fantastic experience and is one of many more to come I hope! I also enjoy travelling and photography. I’ve just started doing zumba classes and I love visiting family at weekends whenever possible.

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